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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gainesville Modern Quilters is here!

Hello quilters!
After much encouragement from several quilting friends in town I have decided to go ahead and create a modern quilting guild for those of us in the Gainesville, FL area!

We are an INCLUSIVE guild open to any and all quilters. 

This guild is for you if:
-You are tired of having your quilts frowned upon because they are too bright, too bold, or too simple.
-You don't fit the typical "quilter" stereotype
-You enjoy learning new techniques 
-You want to experiment with quilt designs and patterns
-You like giving traditional blocks a fun, new twist
-Your friends don't know you quilt because they'd laugh at you
-You love to quilt and are NOT a grandmother
-You are a traditional quilter who appreciates modern trends
-You enjoy making quilts using mostly/only solid fabrics

Get excited and stay tuned for information on our first meeting! And please no drama!  This guild is an informal group for kids, men, and women of all ages to get together and share our love of quilting and inspire one another. Subscribe at the top left of this page by entering your email address and then confirming the subscription email you will receive.  This will ensure you get up-to-date information on Gainesville Modern Quilters.
See you soon!


  1. Thank you Crafty Gemini. I am older but have not quite fit in around town. I Choose bright vibrant colors and don't usually "color within the lines." I am glad that you are starting this guild.

  2. No problem! Hope to see you at the info meeting! :o)


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